Trading Post: Easy

IMGItemCost (gold)
Old Magic Powder10
Leftover Orange15
Soggy Flour15
Poor Enhancement Stone120
Linen Cloth15
Rugged Leather24
Heartwood Fragment36
Copper Ore36
Young Lycan Fur15
Essence of Young Lycan45
Young Orc Tooth18
Essence of Young Orc54
Blind Cyclops Eye54
Essence of Blind Cyclops162
Skeleton Scout Bone Fragment23
Essence of Skeleton Scout69
Young Lich Heart27
Essence of Young Lich81
Copper Scythe of Reaper81
Essence of Copper Scythed Reaper243
Vampire Fang30
Essence of Vampire90
Succubus Wing36
Essence of Succubus108
Sloth Demon Horn108
Essence of Sloth Demon324
Titan Helmet Fragment324
Essence of Titan972

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