Always do PvP for extra gems weekly!


When performing battles in the Colosseum, you will receive “Token Pieces”.

Token PieceCost
Gladiator Token Piece30 per “Gladiator Token”
Master Token Piece150 per “Master Token”
Location: “Special” inventory, click on it to “combine” when you have enough pieces.

Note: To participate in Junior League, you need to be in Easy/Normal and nothing higher. Reference: EHT

Master League 5vs5Elite League 2vs2Junior League 5vs5Spectate Upper League
See below table for rewards related to rank.Secret Tech BooksTBDN/A
Gladiator Token PieceTBDN/A
Master Token PieceTBDN/A
Gladiator/Master token pieces are chance of drop when completing PvP matches.

Gem rewards are every Sunday, then reset.

RankLevelsToken RewardGem Reward
Master 13200-329926500
Master 23100-319924475
Master 33000-309922450
Diamond 12900-299918425
Diamond 22800-289918400
Diamond 32700-279918375
Platinum 12600-269914350
Platinum 22500-259914325
Platinum 32400-249914300
Gold 12300-239910275
Gold 22200-229910250
Gold 32100-219910225
Silver 12000-20996200
Silver 21900-19996175
Silver 31800-18996150
Bronze 11700-17992125
Bronze 21600-16992100
Bronze 31500-1599275
Bronze 41400-1499255
Bronze 51300-1399225
Tip: On the last two days, keep an eye at your rank while you auto-battle and try to stay at the top-most rank you can. (ie sometimes I stay at 2303 and stop fighting even though I can.