Dungeons provide several benefits.

  • Drops additional materials used around town
  • Gem rewards per “mode” completed (ie Normal, Hard, Expert) version of the Dungeon
  • After Dungeon Level 126F, you will begin to gain +0.5% ATK & +0.5% DEF per level completed above 126F. (ie completing up to 150F will give you +12% ATK / + 12% DEF)
  • Chance at farming specific items, such as Helmets, Stones, Feathers, etc
Strange Candy+20% ATK in dungeons
Sparkling Water+20% DEF in dungeons
Crispy Croissant+20% HP in dungeons
Note: You can use bonuses in dungeons to get an edge.

Tip: Use a Hunter with “Charismatic” characteristic, which can boost your stats in dungeons.

See the page above (“Farming“) for some basic info on drops.