Equipment Guide: Torment 3 Boosted Modes

Welcome to the higher modes of Torment! This is where the real end-game is at. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need to really start paying attention on what stats your gear have!

The general idea is to have ALL hunters with similar stats below. If you can’t it’s fine, and just work your way up to it — it’s going to be a grind.

1ATK SPEED @ 0.25
Berserker ATK SPD @ <1.0
Zerks already have fury to help with ATK SPD
2EVASION @ 58% or higherRanged units generally have higher stats
3CRIT HIT @ 76% or higher
% Chance to cast level 1 Evasion
Other options here are, but depends on you
% Chance to Demon Form (+30% ATK)
% Chance to Angel Form (+30% DEF)

Lets take a look at the above chart.
Why do we need ATK SPD at 0.25? Well, this increases your overall damage output! Hit once every 1 second vs Hit 4 times every 1 second!
Why do we need high EVASION? When it comes to Molar Raids, or getting hit, if you can evade it, you’re not getting hurt.
Why do we need CRIT HIT? You want to constantly be critting, it’ll increase your overall damage output by x1.5 plus keep you alive if you have some life steal.
How much EVASION does “% Chance to cast Level 1 Evasion give?” 20%, but it’s hidden on the character sheet.

So, why not focus ATK or DEF? These are secondary stats you can use, but the priority should be the above; if you don’t have that, you won’t survive higher boosted modes or guild raids.

Reaching caps

You may wonder why 58% or why 76%. This is just the average or most likely to achieve values for most hunters. Take a look at the below table for explanation of the caps.

EVASIONMaximum 40% from equipment/runes
Maximum 10% from secret tech
Rest comes from base evasion stat
Generally capped at ~60%

Melee: (Berserker + Paladin)
Capped at 63% with “Nimble” Characteristic
Ranged: (Sorcerer + Ranger)
Capped at 66% with “Nimble” Characteristic

(Weapon) % Chance to Cast Level 1 Evasion
+20% (hidden stats)
CRIT HITMaximum 50% from equipment/runes
Maximum 10% from secret tech
Rest comes from base crit hit stat
Ranged: 16% max
Melee: 12% max (need verification)

Melee: (Berserker + Paladin)
Capped at 75% with “Sharp” Characteristic

Ranged: (Sorcerer + Ranger)
Capped at 81% with “Sharp” Characteristic

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