Recurring Events

Active Events

Token EventNovember 09 – November 21Check token shop.
Darkness Front & RuneNovember 23 – November 28
Secret Tech Book November 30 – December 05
Enhancement Event December 07 – December 12
Modify Equipment December 14 – December 19

Recurring Events

Token Shop available with periodically changing rewards.
Farming tokensVaries.
Generally includes:
1. Awakening Stone
2. Hero Hunter Invite (Superior+)
3. Town Chief’s Treasure Chest (x10)
Modify EquipmentSpending gemsReduces cost of “Equipment Quality” and “Equipment Options” by 10.
Rune EventFarming RunesGold Cost of Darkness Front Yard is reduced by 50%
Rune powder obtained when dismantling runes is doubled.
EnhancementEnhancing equipmentReduces cost of enhancing equipment by 1.
Secret Tech EventFarming BooksDuring the event period, the Secret Technique Books obtained during Elite League and through Hunter Invitations are doubled.

Past Events

From February 8th 2021, 02:00 to March 1st 2021, 01:59 (Server Time)
From February 8th 2021, 11:00 to March 1st 2021, 10:59 (UTC+9) (Japan, etc..)
From February 8th 2021, 21:00 to February 28th 2021, 20:59 (UTC-5) (New York, etc..)
From February 8th 2021, 19:00 to February 28th 2021, 18:59 (UTC-8) (California, etc..)
During the event period, you will receive a special reward every time you manage to clear the level 3, 7, 10!
If you have already cleared the level 3
If you have already cleared level 3 and are on level 3,4,5 or 6, do it one more time and you will receive the reward!
After that, if you clear level 7 and 10, you will get rewards for them too!
If you have already cleared the level 7
If you have already cleared the level 7 are on level 7,8 or 9, do it one more time and you will receive the reward!
After that, if you clear level 10, you will get a reward for it too!
If you have already cleared the level 10
If you have already cleared the level 10, play the level 10 again to receive the rewards for level 3, 7 and 10.
Lunar New Year Login Event! Have fun in the new year with Evil Hunter Tycoon!From February 8th 2021 ~ February 17th 2021 (UTC+9)Day 1: Enhancement Pouch x1
Day 2: Arcane Hunter Invitation x3
Day 3: Gems x100
Day 4: Large bundle of secret tech books x1
Day 5: Rune Powder x200
Day 6: Darkness Portal Scroll x3
Day 7: Town Chif’s Treasure Chest x2
Day 8: EXP Buff Scroll x5
Day 9: Item Drop Scroll x5
Day 10: Random Characteristic Elixir x1
It’s back once again! The ‘Equipment Enhancing Event’ is here!2021, January 26th 00:00 ~ 2021, January 31st 23:59 (Server Time)
2021, January 26th 09:00 ~ 2020, February 2nd 08:59 (Japan, etc.)
2021, January 25th 19:00 ~ 2020, January 31st 18:59 (New York, etc.)
2021, January 25th 16:00 ~ 2020, January 31st 15:59 (California, etc.)
During the event period, when you enhance your equipment, ONE Enhancement Stone LESS than usual will be used!!
FEATURED! Evil Hunter Tycoon once again featured on the Japanese Google Play Store!From 2021, January 23rd to 2021 January, 27th (Server Time) Log in during 5 days and get 5 rewards!All you need to do is log in every day during the event period to get a Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x1 sent to your mailboxes!
3M DownloadsEvent duration:
From 2021 January 10th 15:00 to 2021 January 31st 14:59 (Server Time)
From 2021 January 11th 00:00 to 2021 January 31st 23:59 (UTC+9) (Japan..)
From 2021 January 10th 10:00 to 2021 January 31st 09:59 (UTC -5) (New York..)
From 2021 January 10th 07:00 to 2021 January 31st 06:59 (UTC -8) (California..)
During the event period, if we have more than 300 participants, we will offer to all of you Awakening Stone x3 !!

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