General Tips

Obtaining Gems

  • After completing all the quests to complete the game, you will get “Repeating Quests”
    • Complete any bounty quest provides +7 gems
    • Watch Hunters destroy 1000 monsters provides +7 gems
  • Watching daily ads provide +90 gems daily
  • Doing PvP daily and getting the highest rank you can will provide +25-500 gems
  • Elementals to buy “Random Gem&Gold Chest” – Not very good, but provides +5 gems
  • Weekly/Random gift coupons provide anywhere between +100-300 gems on average
  • Daily quests, complete up to 25 per week to get free 100 gems!
  • Every week between Thursday & Friday, look out for coupons!

Obtaining Hunter Invites

  • Elementals to buy “Random Hunter Invitation”
  • Bonus Chest (Shop -> Bonus -> Random Chest)
  • Daily login

Spending Gems Suggested Priority

  • Fairy & Pet
    • Looting Pet (so you don’t need to click on the ground)
    • Town pets (Adoption papers, to get additional buffs)
  • Companions
    • Companions help get your hunters more gold!
  • Hunter Pulls
    • After buying all of the above, save your gems for “Secret Tech” event that will double your secret tech points earned from summons.
  • Chests
    • When you’re done with hunter pulls, or just want to take a break from it, buy the chests because this is the only way to get additional Costumes, Skins (weapon), or Wings.

Gold Farming

  • Runes with x2 Gold
  • Looting pet with 10% more gold
  • Companion pet with 10% more gold, and chance to gift you gold (must be claimed)
  • Ads (Torment) gives 420,175 gold 15 times
  • Random chest spawn has a chance to give gold (~4 million gold in Torment)
  • Elementals to buy “Random Gem&Gold Chest” – Not very good, but a possibility
  • Bonus Chest (Shop -> Bonus -> Random Chest)

Other ways could be to have your richest hunter and have them do multiple tasks. For example, if you have a lot of extra enhancement stones, or angel teardrops you can follow the below steps to use up some of the gold and materials.

  • Buying equipment
  • Enhancing equipment
  • Upgrade equipment (virtue)
  • Sacred enhancement

Hunter Waiting Queue

After having 18/18 hunters, you can have a maximum 3 hunters in waiting queue. Constantly clear this queue in order to obtain “Secret Tech” points passively.