Weekends are the best time to farm because you’ll get the weekend benefits.

+100% Increased Chance of Items, including Gabriels’ Ring

Note: Gabriels’ Ring only drops in T3 (NOT boosted modes)

On weekdays:

  • Gather as much Magic Powder; mats for crafting potions.
  • Always have Luck potions & used by hunters.

On weekends:

  • Craft as many potions(all), I like to spread it out evenly.
  • Spend “Item Drop Scrolls” if you have any.
Phoenix FeathersThe Molar20-40
Phoenix FeathersDungeon Lvl 176+ (Boosted)25
Phoenix FeathersDungeon Lvl 176+ (Non-boosted)5
Shiny Magic PowderDungeon Lvl 176+ (Boosted)25
Shiny Magic PowderDungeon Lvl 176+ (Non-Boosted)5
Common Enhancement StoneDungeon Lvl 16+
Uncommon Enhancement StoneDungeon Lvl 41+
Advanced Enhancement StoneDungeon Lvl 66+
Ultimate Enhancement StoneDungeon Lvl 91+
Note: Drops are not guaranteed in dungeons, therefore RNG plays a role.
LocationMonster Drops
Torment 1Ancient (Any) Fragments
Torment 2Ancient (Any) Fragments
Primal (Any) Fragments (Low Chance)
Torment 3Primal (Any) Fragments
Torment 3
Boosted Mode
Primal (Any) Fragments
Enhancement Crystals
Ancient (Any) Technical Books
Note: Nothing is a guaranteed drop.
LocationBoss Drops
Torment 1Angel Teardrop (Field Boss)
Torment 2Angel Teardrop (Field Boss)
Torment 3Angel Teardrop (Field Boss)
Gabriel’s Ring (Field Boss)
Option Removal Scroll (Field Boss)
Torment 3
Boosted Mode
(Any) Glyph Fragment (Field Boss, The Molar)
Option Removal Scroll (Field Boss)
(Level Based) Sacred Stone I-V (Field Boss)
Note: Nothing is a guaranteed drop, except The Molar always gives you a belt. The Sacred Stone is guaranteed to drop in boosted modes, but you have to pick it up yourself.