Need a guild? Join our discord and find out if we have room! (Looking for T3 Boosted). We are currently a Lv. 30 Guild running The Molar Lv. 8 and need stronger players. Come join!

Find a guild as soon as possible to gain some benefits. You’ll also be eligible to run guild raids.

Recommended OrderStatIncrements ByMax Value
1Member Count530
4ATK SPD1%5%
5CRIT HIT Chance1%5%

Reason to max out your guild member count for several reasons.

  • More interaction with others.
  • Guild raid support from registered hunters (see below).
  • Faster GEXP with more people donating to level up the guild.

Hunter Registration

IMPORTANT: Re-register your hunters after making upgrades; it is NOT automatically updated for your guild mates!


“Guild Experience”

LocationTotal GEXP Earned
Darkness’ Front Yard30
Guild Raid: The Molar10
Dungeons1 per dungeon completed
Field Boss (any)10

Donating more than 100 GEXP:

  1. STEP #1: Get 100 GEXP
  2. STEP #2: Claim daily 20 GEXP via mail
  3. Donate!