Hunter Characteristics

Positive CharacteristicEffect
Strong+10% ATK
Fast Runner+10% Running Speed
Swift+10% ATK SPD
CarelessSell inventory 20% cheaper
CharismaticParty abilityes +5% in dungeons & colosseum
EnergeticStamina consumed -20%
SkinnyHunger consumption -20%
OptimisticMood consumed -20%
HeroicATK SPD +7%, ATK +7%, Movement SPD +7%
Rich20% more gold when hunting
GamblerEnhancement success rate +5%
Man of SteelDamage taken -10%
NimbleEvasion +3%
SharpCrit Hit +3%
Neutral CharacteristicEffect
CowardRuns away because of fear
FearlessNever run away
YOLONever run away
AddictWhen drinking potions, says something
Scared of HospitalScared whenever going to infirmary
OrdinaryJust plain
Internet TrollN/A
Negative CharacteristicEffect
Fragile-10% ATK
Slow-10% Move SPD
Thickheaded-10% ATK SPD
StingySells inventory 20% more expensive
Dead WeightParty abilities -5% in dungeons & colosseums
Baggy Eyes+20% Stamina consumed
Overweight+20% Hunger consumed
Pessimistic+20% Mood consumed
Sluggish-3% Evasion
Dull-3% Crit Hit
Laggard-10% EXP gained