Hunters: Team Composition

As you progress, you’ll start asking yourself “How many X hunters should I have?”
Well, everyone will build something different, but there’s some basic stuff you can build out.

You’ll notice that some classes are not included, but this is simply because they are not truly viable for PvE, but may have benefit in PvP. I’ll only cover PvE in this case — and based off of 20 hunters total. Further down below will be a breakdown of why.

RecommendedClass2nd Class3rd Class
1-3RangerRain FallScout
2-3SorcererBlizzardDark Lord
5-6BerserkerDualistSword Saint

Ranger: Rain Fall + Scout
You’ll want to have at least some AoE damage and with the recent buffs to Scout, becomes a little more viable, in fact, you may want to replace your Minstrel and have 2 Scouts. This build is only viable with a PvP weapon after the update to Vijaya able to proc on skills.

Sorcerer: Blizzard + Conjuror
An all out damage dealer. Blizzard to slow enemy ATK, plus cause AoE damage, combined with Conjuror adds a deadly mixture of AoE.

Sorcerer: Blizzard + Dark Lord
Quite the tank and useful in PvP even. You’ll be able to slow enemy ATK, plus decrease their overall ATK, setting you up with a powerful end-game tank with some damage potential.

Paladin: Crusader + Guardian
Your basic tank. Healing, and becoming immune to damage, and reducing damage for nearby friends — a necessity in every party.

Paladin: Templar + Inquisitor
Your other damage dealer. You don’t necessarily think a Paladin for being a heavy AoE hitter, but this one certainly does the trick. Increasing ATK + additional ATK DMG, then slapping with the Hands of God that ignores DEF + EVASION to nearby foes, this is your main crowd control damage dealer. This will clear groups of demons with ease.

Berserker: Dualist + Sword Saint
This is a primarily single target dealer. Incredibly fast and sustainable, when the board is wiped clear of additional monsters thanks to the Paladin/Sorcerer, your Sword Saints will hit bosses as hard as possible from a distance.

Berserker: Dualist + Barbarian
Adding to the hidden stats of every hunter nearby, you’ll get a bonus ATK for 10 seconds while this hunter can perform a Battle Shout. The added boost is great for any team looking for the edge in a fight.

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