Enhancement Crystals

Towards end game of Evil Hunter Tycoon, you may find your equipment lacking some additional stats, specifically your hunters find they can enhance their equipment further!

Enhancing after +20 using enhancement crystals obtain from field monsters in Torment 3 boosted modes. Enhancement crystals can be used alongside it’s matching “Sacred Stones” for improving the chances of an enhancement!

Note: A single “V” enhancement crystal can create x16 “enhancement crystal I”, so always farm the highest you can! (x1, x11, x21, x31, x41, x50)

EnhancementLocation (Torment 3, Boosted Modes)Dismantle
IField Monsters (1-3, any); boosted mode 1-50x2 Mana Essence
IIField Monsters (1-3, any); boosted mode 11-50x2 Enhancement Crystal I
IIIField Monsters (1-3, any); boosted mode 21-50x2 Enhancement Crystal II
IVField Monsters (1-3, any); boosted mode 31-50x2 Enhancement Crystal III
VField Monsters (1-3, any); boosted mode 41-50x2 Enhancement Crystal IV

After enhancing to +I, you still have a chance of going back a level); same goes for levels II-V, so you’ll need to farm a lot of these crystals to get ahead.

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