Enhancement Stone

Welcome to Evil Hunter Tycoon! Saving the world isn’t going to be easy; you’ll need to get your hunters geared up properly and enchanting those weapons and armors for increased buffs.

You can enhance your gear over at the “Enhancement Forge” by telling your hunters to “Enhance Equipment”.

Poor Enhancement StoneEasy
Common Enhancement StoneNormal
Uncommon Enhancement StoneHard
Advanced Enhancement StoneExpert
Ultimate Enhancement StoneNightmare/Torment
Note: You can also find these stones in their dungeon-equivalent levels.

Enhancing is one of the toughest things to do in the game. How does it exactly work? Your hunters are going to need plenty of gold to keep enhancing!

1-5100% Chance of success.
6-90% Chance of enhancement going down.
55% Chance of success.
10-2050% Chance of enhancement going down.
50% Chance of success.
15-2055% Chance of enhancement going down.
45% Chance of success.
Note: After you enhance equipment to +20, you can go further (assuming you’re passed Torment 3 Boosted modes) See: Enhancement Crystals.