Equipment Improvement

Improving equipment allows hunters to use their existing gear and simply improve the base stats (ATK, DEF, HP). In order to “improve” an item, you’ll need to send hunters on journeys (See Expeditions). See below for an example of how an item’s improvement looks like; starting as an “ULTIMATE” Supreme Ultimate Valhalla with 2 stars and a V enhancement.

Star LevelImprovement BonusLevel Increase
0 -> 1x1.29930
1 -> 2x1.29930
2 -> 3x1.29930
3 -> 4x1.29930

See below, we have a close-up of what it means when we “improve” an item. Some items already come improved, just like above with “2 stars”. The below images have an item that can only be improved 3 times.

So, how do we improve these items?

Well, first we’ll need materials found in journeys, or some can be bought at the pvp shop.
Next, we’ll have to go to our hunter and select “Item” -> “Organize Equipment” -> “Improve Equipment”.

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