For Virtues, you need to equip at least 2 of the same virtue to obtain the set attribute. The only item available that will require only 1 is to have a “Gabriels’ Ring” or ”Uriel’s Ring” equipped (helmet).
When the number is highlighted, it means it’s active at that level.
Justice10% increased damage to monsters10/20/30
GloryWhen a hunter is dealt a fatal blow there is a 20% chance to recovery 25%10/20/30
DevotionUpon being attacked, 2% chance of becoming invulnerable for 1 secs2/4/6
HonorDuring PvP damage taken is decreased by 8%8/16/24
MercyATK is increaesd by 50% when the hunter’s HP is below 10%8/16/24
Location: Field boss drops “Angel Teardrop” and “Stone of Hope” in Torment modes