Expert Resources

ResourceTrading Post Cost/Item (x6)Drop Location (Expert Mode)
Rare Magic Powder30Any Creature
Dungeons level 76-100
Sticky Goo56Any Creature
Smelly Tomato55Any Creature
Advanced Enhancement Stone360Any Creature
Advanced Upgrade StoneN/ADungeons level 76-100
Magic Cloth45Any Creature
Cured Leather72Any Creature
Black Leafed Wood Fragment108Any Creature
Emerald450Any Creature
Low dop rate
Mithril Ore108Any Creature
White Gold2160Any Creature
Dungeons level 76-100
Very low drop rate
Crazed Lycan Fur45Lycans
Essence of Crazed Lycan135Lycans
Blood War Clan Orc Tooth54Orc
Essence of Blood War Clan Orc162Orc
Gloomy Cyclops Eye162Cyclops (Low Spawn Rate)
Essence of Gloomy Cyclops486Cyclops (Low Spawn Rate)
Skeleton Squad Leader Bone Fragment69Skeleton
Essence of Skeleton Squad Leader207Skeleton
Powerful Lich Heart81Lich
Essence of Powerful Lich243Lich
Silver Scythe of Reaper243Reaper (Low Spawn Rate)
Essence of Silver Scythe Reaper729Reaper (Low Spawn Rate)
Vampire Duke Fang90Vampire
Essence of Vampire Duke 270Vampire
Blond Succubus Wings108Succubus
Essence of Blond Succubus324Succubus
Pride Greed Demon Horn324Sloth Demon (Low Spawn Rate)
Essence of Greed Sloth Demon972Sloth Demon (Low Spawn Rate)
Balrog Heart972Field Boss
Essence of Balrog2916Field Boss