Torment 3 Boosted

NOTE: Gabriel’s Ring will NOT drop in boosted modes.

You should already start looking over at the team compositions and team builds to prepare for super boosted modes.

Aside from the below, you should start having some decent stat equipment for your hunters.

  • ATK SPD at 0.25 (for DPS) (0.45 is fine for tanks)
  • High EVA, maybe 30% is enough for lower levels, but you should max it out eventually (40% equipment)
  • Some Crit Hit (30%+ is fine for lower levels)
The recommended amount of ATK/DEF for hunters in Torment 3 boosted modes
Angel TeardropField BossUsed for virtues.
Primal (Any) FragmentsAll zone creaturesThese will be used to craft your Torment gear.
See: Torment 3 Crafting.