Torment 1

Torment 1 is the start of the real game.

  • Tip #1: If you’re dying a lot, go back a mode and get better gear. Remember, ultimate gear gives +20% more ATK/DEF/HP than “Common” gear
  • Tip #2: Always farm Field Boss when you can and picking up anything he drops.
  • Tip #3: If you’re struggling, put hunters in a single room and farm for a while.
  • Tip #4: Berserkers are strong early-game, but area of attack (AoE) hunters clear boss spawns fast.
  • Tip #5: After level 125 in Dungeon, you can get 0.5% ATK/DEF for every dungeon completed after. (ie level 130 gives your town a 2.5% ATK/DEF)
The recommended amount of ATK/DEF for hunters entering Torment mode.
Angel TeardropField BossUsed for virtues.
Ancient (Any) FragmentsAll zone creaturesThese will be used to craft your Torment gear.
See: Torment Crafting.