Daily Quests

These are different than your “Recurring Quests”. On a regular basis, you’ll get 2 fixed quests, 1 advanced quest, and 2 normal quests. Try to complete it all, everyday for the ultimate reward (weekly), of 100 gems! It resets every week (Monday).

QuestRewardQuest Type
20 Colosseum battles completedGladiator’s Token piece xFixed Quest
1500 monsters hunted on the fieldGems x10Fixed Quest
50 materials dropped on the Hunting Ground (including those eaten by the looting pets)Gems x20Advanced Quest
Any Bounty Quest completed 3 timesGems x20Advanced Quest
Field Boss hunted 3 timesOption Removal Scroll x1Advanced Quest
300 Elementals gathered on the Hunting GroundsMana Essence x10,000Normal Quest
8 Underground Dungeon adventuresGems x10Normal Quest
Any equipment crafted more than 5 timesGems x10Normal Quest
Any equipment enhanced & upgraded more than 5 timesGems x10Normal Quest
Daily Quests completed 25 timesGems x100Special Quest (Weekly)