Wandering Trader

In order to unlock the wandering trader, you need at least a Town Hall Level 4 building.

Wandering trader comes around everyday between certain times. Depending on your level, he’ll trade you items and equipment based on your level/mode.

In order to level up your wandering trader, you have to kill monsters/bosses to get specific “coins”. You can do any of the highest difficulty you can do, and just “dismantle” a coin for more of the previous difficulty’s coin.

Name of ItemDrop LocationLevel Up Coin Req
Titan’s CoinEasy difficulty100
Beholder’s CoinNormal difficulty100
Baphomet’s CoinHard difficulty100
Balrog’s CoinExpert difficulty100
Black Dragon’s CoinNightmare difficulty100
Gabriel’s Ancient CoinTorment 1, 2, 3100
Gabriel’s Primal CoinBoosted difficulty100
Uriel’s Original CoinSuper Boosted difficulty100