Dark World

The Dark World consists of your town, The Frozen Mountains, The Hellish Volcano, The Corrupted Abbey, and The Lost Forest. In this view, you can change the level risk to make fighting evil harder.

What’s the purpose of sending hunters on an expedition?

You’ll need materials to “improve” items in your inventory so that you can progress further.
These materials are found during the expedition and at the end of expeditions. Afterwards, you’ll have to select a hunter and “improve an item”.

How do you send hunters on an expedition?

  • Select a location.
  • Select hunters to go on an expedition and deploy.
  • Hunters can have encounters during their expedition (See Expedition Encounters)
  • Successful Journey: Rewards
  • Failed Journey: TBD

What’s the requirements for sending hunters on an expedition?

You must be in nightmare and above. Similar to how you’ve been progressing with different modes (Easy, Normal, Expert, etc), you’ll encounter the same style for “Risk Levels”. Once you complete enough levels in a single “Risk Level”, you can move on to the next.

Risk LevelAP Requirement
154,000 – 190,800
2225,000 – 361,800
4646,500 – 1M

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