Hunters: Allocating Traits

What are traits? Find them in the over at traits.
Learn how to allocate traits at the bottom of the page.

You only have 15 trait points to allocate and as you add to 1, it increases by +1.
Therefore, if you wanted a little bit of everything, you can do a 2-2-2-3 allocation.

NOTE: The below is just my recommendation and everyone will have hunters that vary. Use with a grain of salt.

Torment 3 boosted modes / PvP

Double ATKMax it out for DPSers (SS, Conjurors, etc)
DEFMax it out for tanks(Guardian/DarkLord)
ATK SPDOnly if you couldn’t get 0.25 and need a little extra
CurseNot necessary, unless you have extra points due to build

Torment 2 and above

ATK SPDIf you need a little boost to get to 0.25
DEFI almost always put at least 1-2 points here
Double ATKI almost always put at least 1-2 points here
CurseUseful for melee; if you have extra, put 1

Torment 1 and below (nightmare, expert, etc) recommendations (in order of priority)

ATK SPDPut at least 1-2 points here
Double ATKPut at least 1-2 points here
DEFThe rest here
CurseYou really don’t need this yet

How do you allocate traits?

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