Sacred Stones

What are sacred stones? Where does it come from? What is it used for?

Sacred stones help increase the chance of enhancing by 5% for sacred enhancements; it doesn’t seem much, but any little bit helps when it comes to enhancing at Evil Hunter Tycoon. You also need Sacred Stones to upgrade buildings once you reach the higher level modes.

Note: A single “V” sacred stone can create x16 “sacred stone I”, so always farm the highest you can! (x1, x11, x21, x31, x41, x50)

Sacred StoneLocationDismantle
ITorment 3, Field Boss Boosted Mode 1-10x2 Mana Essence
IITorment 3, Field Boss Boosted Mode 11-20x2 Sacred Stone I
IIITorment 3, Field Boss Boosted Mode 21-30x2 Sacred Stone II
IVTorment 3, Field Boss Boosted Mode 31-40x2 Sacred Stone II
VTorment 3, Field Boss Boosted Mode 41-50x2 Sacred Stone IV

You can also “dismantle” higher level sacred stones to get the lower tier sacred stones, so you don’t need to go back and farm lower level modes to get what you need.

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